How to Improve Instagram in a World of TikTok

Let’s be honest. Instagram is a recreational drug. It’s something you want but don’t need. I don’t need to look at pretty pictures but I do. For hours. It’s utterly useless in the grand scheme of things and yet it siphons time from me because it is pleasurable and releases endorphins. But, there is a […]

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Day Hiking in Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

Point Lobos

Visiting Northern California, I decided to make a day trip to Point Lobos. It’s a California state park. It costs $10 per car ($9 for seniors). You can go day hiking but no camping, no dogs, and no bikes. The roads are very well paved with nice, modern bathrooms at the major parking lots and […]

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Product Management Guide

This is my guide to Product Management for new and experienced PMs. It’s a list of resources for learning product management, landing a product management job, interviewing for a PM role, and getting paid properly as a PM. TOPICS Interviewing Product Management Business Strategy Metrics & Analytics User Design Software Development Coding Development & Processes […]

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Weekend Trip to Sedona, Arizona

My friend and I were in Scottsdale, Arizona because we wanted to go to Grand Canyon but we got so lazy to drive we didn’t get there. Instead, we ended up hiking around Sedona, Arizona. The red rocks were beautiful. What to Do Red Rock State Park This state park is wonderful for great views, […]

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Princess Cruises: Nassau, Bahamas

My boyfriend snagged a free trip to the Bahamas via Princess Cruises so we went! It was a quick 3-day trip leaving from Fort Lauderdale, FL. We arrived in Fort Lauderdale and stayed at a nearby hotel. We had Brazilian for dinner. The weather was extremely humid and hot. The hotel was nice but since […]

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Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Every April 1-30th, near Seattle, in the Skagit Valley, there is a bloom of tulips. The fields and fields of blooming tulips is a once a year phenomenon so you have to come at the right time. There are tons of tulip farms to visit, many of them in the town of Mt. Vernon, WA. […]

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JoYo Workout List

Here’s a comprehensive list of exercises to do daily, weekly, or occasionally. Choose some exercises and try 3 sets of 10 or 3 sets of 15 with 20sec-1min rests in between. Exercises by Region Arms ←Checkbox Bicep curls Tricep curls Tricep dips/Chair dips Overhead press Bench press Incline press Lawnmower Hold outs Bent over dumbbell […]

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Weekend Trip to Portland

Portland, Oregon is a sleepy, smaller version of Seattle – it’s just a 3-hour drive away. It’s dreary and damp most of the year, but there are plenty of hipsters and classy cool places to keep you enticed and wanted to come back again and again. What to Do | Eat Sweet |  Eat Savory […]

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JoYo Germany Guide

This year, my boyfriend and I decided to go to Germany because I wanted to see the German castles. We flew in and out of Frankfurt and took trains to Hamburg, Berlin, Munich (for Oktoberfest), and Stuttgart. While we visited many wonderful sights, we skipped many spectacular ones so we’ll just have to go back […]

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