Queenstown: The Perfect Lakeside Town

Queenstown is that city I look for on every international country trip I go on. It’s relaxing, quaint, and not a big city. Big cities really all look and feel the same after awhile (it can get old) but smaller getaway, picturesque towns are always the sweetest place to unwind. Located on the shores of […]

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Where to Buy JoYo’s Bedroom

I kept the theme black and white and more minimalist/modern. Queen Size Wooden Bed Frame Border Storage Platform Bed ($1,169) from Urban Outfitters. It came and it was so heavy. It’s almost 200 pounds on four pin legs! Building it was not difficult but strenuous because each piece is solid wood and it’s heavy – I […]

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Where to Buy JoYo’s Living Room

I wanted my place to look like Pinterest or from a magazine/catalog. Here’s where I got everything. I put the full price but usually I used coupons with Ebates so it was cheaper. Remember, before you buy anything online, use Ebates! It’s free money (I’ve already racked $80 cash back), my sister and coworker love it, […]

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Winter Vacation in New Orleans

New Orleans (“The Big Easy”) is a beautiful city and I just can’t imagine how crazy it gets during Mardi Gras. Even without Mardi Gras, you can still admire the architecture in the French Quarter, ride the St. Charles street car to see dozens of the antebellum mansions, eat fresh and soft beignets (powdered sugar […]

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3 Days in Sydney, Australia

My cousin, my sister, and I went to Sydney for three days at the end of December. Australia’s summertime meant high temps with medium humidity – it wasn’t as bad as Taiwan summer humidity. If you’re going to Australia and you’re a US citizen, make sure you get a visa before you go.  What to Do | […]

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Where to Buy Furniture Online and In-Store

There are so many places on the internet and in-person to buy furniture. Here’s a list of tips and places. Shopping Tips Tip 1: Always look up online for coupon codes. If you sign up for mailing lists, you should be able to get some discounts and coupons. If you just move into a new […]

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A Letter to OfferUp | 20 Suggestions

First off, your product has super HIGH potential. Like crazy high potential – I’m excited for you guys. You have the ability to take over Craigslist shopping no doubt; you have an excellent, simple concept and pretty good execution so far (the basics are there). You can definitely steal market share from Craiglist, Etsy, Ebay, […]

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Weekend Trips to Vancouver

Located in British Columbia and a 2.5-hour drive from Seattle, Vancouver is like a Canadian Seattle; it is rainy and dreary most of the year but has the most beautiful summers with sunshine and lush flora. They have a public market near the waterfront just like Seattle! Don’t forget to pack Canadian dollars or aim to […]

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JoYo Guide to Buying Your First Home

I just bought my first condo and this is how I did it and my lessons learned. My Background I moved to Seattle a month after graduating undergrad in May 2012; at this point, my dad encouraged me to buy a place but I declined and replied I would only be in Seattle for one to two […]

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JoYo New York City Guide

The “Big Apple” is hectic, messy, and a whole lotta fun. I’ve been to NYC several times and the city that never sleeps makes me not want to sleep. Join me on an adventure of great sights, excellent shopping, amazing food, and endless nightlife. Also, be careful of mean New Yorkers! Don’t take it personally but […]

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