Trip to the Snoopy Museum! It’s really the Charles M. Schultz Museum.

My family and I decided to go to the Snoopy Museum upon my insistence and it was as wonderful as I expected. It’s a tiny museum in Santa Rosa, California but a nice one with multiple buildings which was interesting. One main building and then one building for the snack bar with an ice rink and one at the end for the gift shop. Make sure you visit all three!

Meet Charles M. Schultz at his museum:

Main Building

Charles M. Schultz Museum
Charles M. Schultz Museum

The main floors are displays, comics, and a history into his life and work.

Charles M. Schultz Museum
Charles M. Schultz Museum

The upstairs has his studio and more physical pieces of his life.

Charles M. Schultz Museum
Crystal Snoopy
Charles M. Schultz Museum
A nice photo op
A homage art piece of the evolution of Snoopy
Charles M. Schultz’s art studio
The first Charles M. Schultz of Snoopy and Charlie Brown – a wall removed from a house
A nice photo art wall

Snack Shop and Ice/Hockey Rink

I don’t have any photos of the ice rink but it was filled with kids and hockey enthusiasts.

Gift Shop

There are more displays on the way to and on the 2nd floor!

Exit through the gift shop – the Snoopy gift shop
Charles M. Schultz Museum
Disco Woodstock
Charles M. Schultz Museum
Carpet Walls
“Cartooning is still just drawing funny pictures.” – CMS

We combined this Northern California day trip with a stop in Bodega Bay for very delicious and superb crab rolls and clam chowder soup (Spud Point Bay Company). For more photo, visit this blog post:


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