Things to Look for and Questions to ask at an Open House

When you’re at an open house, there are several things to pay extra attention to, things to look for, things to check, and questions to ask.


  • Sliding: should be in good condition
  • Windows: should be in good condition and flashing when necessary, are they double pane windows?
  • Landscaping: is water flowing away from the house? are there a lot of plants and trees that need maintenance or can be dangerous?
  • Gutters: are there gutter guards or leaves in the gutter?
  • Roof: what’s the condition? how old is it and when was last serviced?


  • Remodeling: when did they remodel? what did they remodel? who did the remodeling work?
  • HVAC: when was it last cleaned and serviced?
    • A/C: how old is it and when was last serviced?
    • Furnace: how old is it and when was last serviced?
  • Water heater: how old is it and when was last serviced?
  • Plumbing: what kind of pipes does it have?
  • Flooring: what kind of floors is it? check for water damage or warping
  • Windows: check for water damage and warping
  • Ceiling: check for water damage
  • Flush all the toilets
  • Run all the sinks
  • Check under the sinks for water and mold damage
  • Open all the doors
  • Flip all the light switch
  • Determine how the sound insulation is between floors and between rooms
  • Open all the blinds
  • Open all the windows
  • How is the cellphone reception service?



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