Great Gift Ideas

I’m regularly complimented on my gift giving and typically with a large budget, you’ll be able to get a pretty cool gift, but ultimately the best gift will depend on what the receiver likes and your relationship with the receiver. Knowing the receiver well will help most with gift buying.

Here are some things I think make great gifts:


  • Board games (<$15) – Board games are always a useful gift for friends
  • Egg cooker (<$15) – This is the most useful kitchen appliance that cooks eggs perfectly – perfect soft-boiled or hard-boiled eggs. Make sure to get the one with automatic shut-off or else the alarm is very obnoxious.
  • Label maker (<$20) – This useful item is good for that organizer in your life. Also make sure to throw in some extra tape for them.
  • Mighty cube super magnets (<$20) – They are so classy and come in gold and silver. Perfect for the fridge of a stylish person.

UNDER $100

  • Bouquet of flowers with balloons or an indoor plant (<$30) – A lot of people just need some bright, celebratory foliage in their life.
  • Box of Chocolates or Snacks – A lot of people love sweets like Milk Bar. Check out Goldbelly for gourmet foods from super famous restaurants. Also, Portos Bakery for savory and sweet baked goodies in bulk.
  • Bottle of wine or premium hard liquor (<$30) – A lot of people love good drinks
  • Massager (<$60) – Getting your friend a good massager for the body, neck, feet, etc. will be well-appreciated.
  • Premium Japanese Snack box subscription (<$60) – Bokksu is great.
  • US National Parks coffee table book (<$60) – Gorgeous photos for the outdoorsy people
  • Subscription to FitFunFab box (<$50) – FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription service delivers a miscellaneous, random box of wellness and well-being products.
  • National Park Pass ($100) – Good for all the National Parks in America
  • Subscription to Streaming Media (<$100) – Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube, HBO, and Amazon – are you sure your special person has all of them?
  • Subscription to eLearning and online courses (<$100): Coursera, Udemy, Masterclass, Skillshare, LinkedIn Learning,,, Buy your person a class about photography or meditation or mental well-being.
  • Amazon Kindle (<$100) – Great for readers.

UNDER $500

  • An electric toothbrush (<$200) – I recommend Diamond Clean Sonicare because it’s the premium top of the line. The cheaper Sonicare or Oral-B brushes are good too.
  • Bluetooth Headphones or Earbuds (<$200) – I like my Airpod Pros.
  • Vitamix Blender (<$300) – I bought the cheapest Vitamix and it’s so great. The blending is so quiet relative to all the other blenders.
  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner (<$300) – Good for anyone with pets and hardwood floors.
  • Kitchenaid Standing Mixer (<$400) – Known to be a home baker’s dream.
  • Dyson Vacuum Cleaner (<$400) – I recommend any of the Dyson vacuums but I have the V11.
  • Dyson Hair Dryer (<$400) – It’s super expensive but I like it. Can’t say it’s worth the price but it’s a great gift.

UNDER $1000

  • iPad Pro or iPad Air (<$1000)- Great for media consumers or digital artists.


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