Princess Cruises: Nassau, Bahamas

My boyfriend snagged a free trip to the Bahamas via Princess Cruises so we went! It was a quick 3-day trip leaving from Fort Lauderdale, FL.

We arrived in Fort Lauderdale and stayed at a nearby hotel. We had Brazilian for dinner. The weather was extremely humid and hot. The hotel was nice but since the humidity was so high, there was definitely a lot of mold around. A/C was on high.

Day 1: Onboarding

In the morning, we had a breakfast buffet at the hotel. Then we boarded the Princess Cruise in the early morning. We were one of the first ones to arrive via taxi to the port and I could tell the onboarding process was built for the masses but since we got there really early, about 15-30mins before the official onboarding start time opened actually, we were on the boat in less than 20 mins. That part was smooth sailing.

On the first day, we departed Florida and started making our way to the Bahamas. We enjoyed nice food and swam in the pools.

View from the top of the ship
The giant tv for movies and shows in front of the main pool
Cabanas on the cruise ship
View from the top

You have unlimited food and drink so that’s basically what you do on a cruise ship. Eat everything.

Pastries offered in the main buffet
I really wanted a cupcake
All the cakes and sweets in the world

Day 2: Cabbage Beach

On the second day, we arrived in the Bahamas and went to the beaches. We just went offshore and then was at the port with our passports. Then took a taxi ride to Cabbage Beach.

Princess cruise docked at the Bahamas
The free Cabbage beach in the Bahamas
The free Cabbage beach next to the hotels
Princess cruises gives you information on where to go for offshore excursions and how to get there

The beach was crowded but not too crowded. There is a lot of beach vendors selling shaved ice, coconut drinks, and more but we didn’t have any cash on us. You could rent jet skis too. Then, we took a taxi ride back to the port and got back on the cruise.


Day 3: Balloon Drop Party

On the third day, we worked out in the morning on one of the top decks which has a running track. At night, we enjoyed a nice celebration party in the lobby area of the ship since it was departure night.

Unlimited appetizers, entrees, and desserts.
I couldn’t help myself to all the sweets
Falling balloons

On the fourth day, we arrived back at Fort Lauderdale and de-boarded.


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