How to Improve Instagram in a World of TikTok

Let’s be honest. Instagram is a recreational drug. It’s something you want but don’t need. I don’t need to look at pretty pictures but I do. For hours. It’s utterly useless in the grand scheme of things and yet it siphons time from me because it is pleasurable and releases endorphins. But, there is a […]

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Product Management Guide

This is my guide to Product Management for new and experienced PMs. It’s a list of resources for learning product management, landing a product management job, interviewing for a PM role, and getting paid properly as a PM. TOPICS Interviewing Product Management Business Strategy Metrics & Analytics User Design Software Development Coding Development & Processes […]

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A Letter to OfferUp | 20 Suggestions

First off, your product has super HIGH potential. Like crazy high potential – I’m excited for you guys. You have the ability to take over Craigslist shopping no doubt; you have an excellent, simple concept and pretty good execution so far (the basics are there). You can definitely steal market share from Craiglist, Etsy, Ebay, […]

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