Ethics Class Studying

Here are my notes for my MBA Ethics class at UW. Be an ethical leader and when in doubt, reach out to unbiased friends for support. Lecture 1 What is Ethics? Ethics are standards of right and wrong that prescribe how we ought to act. Ethical leader = Moral Person + Moral Manager Moral Person: […]

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Corporate Strategy Studying

This quarter, I’m taking Corporate Strategy. Having taken undergraduate Corporate Strategy, I find it always interesting to re-take an intro course and see how a subjective, ambiguous topic like Corporate Strategy is taught differently. Featured photo is a picture of Point Lobos State Park in California. It represents Blue Ocean strategy. What is corporate strategy? […]

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Product Management Guide

This is my guide to Product Management for new and experienced PMs. It’s a list of resources for learning product management, landing a product management job, interviewing for a PM role, and getting paid properly as a PM. TOPICS Interviewing Product Management Business Strategy Metrics & Analytics User Design Software Development Coding Development & Processes […]

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Summer 2019 To-Do List

Mt. McCausland

SUMMER 2019 It’s summer, people! Suns out, buns out. I have so many ambitious plans this summer – I need to organize, prioritize, and backlog. Overall, I want a summer of reading, art, and hiking. Pictured above is Mt. McCausland (WTA link). Reading Lean Analytics PM1 PM2 Machine Learning The Power of Myth Philosophy / […]

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Weekend Trip to Sedona, Arizona

My friend and I were in Scottsdale, Arizona because we wanted to go to Grand Canyon but we got so lazy to drive we didn’t get there. Instead, we ended up hiking around Sedona, Arizona. The red rocks were beautiful. What to Do Red Rock State Park This state park is wonderful for great views, […]

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Princess Cruises: Nassau, Bahamas

My boyfriend snagged a free trip to the Bahamas via Princess Cruises so we went! It was a quick 3-day trip leaving from Fort Lauderdale, FL. We arrived in Fort Lauderdale and stayed at a nearby hotel. We had Brazilian for dinner. The weather was extremely humid and hot. The hotel was nice but since […]

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