Instagram-worthy Restaurants in Seattle

Seattle isn’t the most expensive city, but it sure ain’t the cheapest. Here is a list of beautiful restaurants worth a mention due to their amazing, stunning, almost breath-taking decor and ambience. The food (or value of food) may not be as good as my Best Restaurants in Seattle list, but the interior designs of these restaurants make them absolutely worth a visit. I wouldn’t list them unless they passed a certain food bar.

1. The London Plane

($$, Pioneer Square, New American): A beautiful restaurant/cafe that is also very tasty. They have a nice bakery section, large floral displays, and a mini shopping portion of the restaurant. It looks like Pinterest in real life.

2. Bateau

($$, Capitol Hill, Steakhouse): A Renee Erickson creation, this delightful new restaurant is a sight to behold. Clean, crisp details and a refreshing touch on all the accents. Drop by to stare at its elegance and eat that tasty tasty steak.

3. Westward

($$, Wallingford, Mediterranean/Seafood): Nominated for a James Beard best restaurant design award. That is a really prestigious award for those who don’t know. 🙂 Gorgeous with a beautiful outside dining/lounge area that is great for summer bashes.

4. Ballard Annex Oyster House

($$, Ballard, Seafood): Well-decorated yummy seafood house. The inside looks like a boat! Love the nautical ropes and knots and the bathrooms are shipwreck-chic. Super cute and makes you feel like you’re on a boat with the circular windows.

5. Bar Sajor

($$$, Pioneer Square, New American): By the same people who brought you The London Plane, Bar Sajor is a cute tiny venue. Look for the unique, one-of-a-kind mirrors by a local Seattle artist.

6. Stateside

($$$, Capitol Hill, French Vietnamese): Beautiful wallpaper with a classic cool tropical touch

7. Fat’s Chicken and Waffles

($, Central District, Fried Chicken & Waffles): A small hipster joint located in a relatively secluded area. They have the most beautiful wooden furniture I have ever seen and the use of orange as accents among the minimalist greenery makes this place glorious. What really pushes it over-the-top great interior design is the mural-sized artwork that fills the largest wall. Let’s go get two juicy, moist fried chicken legs for $5 and then get some macaroni balls during happy hour.fats2

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