Best Places to Party in Seattle

Different neighborhoods are good for different types of nightlife. Note that nightlife starts to heat up after 11pm and ends at 2am (bars/clubs/lounges). Pictured above is The Pink Door in downtown that offers burlesque shows.

The Woods at Grim’s in Capitol Hill

My first recommendation for the true Seattle grunge nightlife for those in their 20’s is in Capitol Hill. Ballard and Fremont have amazing chill and beautiful bars as well. If you’re feeling dancy, there is The Woods at Grim’s (my favorite), Q Nightclub and Havana Social Club in Capitol Hill, Trinity Nightclub in Pioneer Square, and Aston Manor (EDM) in the Industrial District (SODO/South of Downtown). If you like EDM, then you can also try Foundation Nightclub as well. When I moved here, I couldn’t believe the number of pubs per square mile – Seattle brews a lot of beer.



  • Black Bottle: Delicious small plates
  • List: Cute small venue with delicious small plates – get the truffle gnocchi!
  • Amber: Small, weird dance floor, good for chilling out with friends
  • Some Random Bar: Cool name – gastropub, craft cocktails, and beer
  • Rob Roy: Craft and classic cocktails, small, intimate venue
  • Umi Sake House: Classy sushi joint – my friend took a picture with Jessica Alba here once. She wasn’t happy.
  • Bathtub Gin & Co: A speak-easy with prohibition-era cocktails downstairs
  • The Upstairs: A homey bar upstairs with craft cocktails and comfy couches
  • Foundation Nightclub: Seattle’s #1 EDM club
  • Bell+Whete: European kitchen + lounge with an extensive bar and big beer selection
  • Rocco’s: Beer and pizza and extensive bar – delicious fancy pizza
q nightclub
Q Nightclub on a typical night. Large dance floor and large bar area.


  • Unicorn: Very cool bar with upstairs and downstairs – where Macklemore filmed his music video
  • Pie Bar: Delicious pie and pie-inspired drinks – very small venue but my friends and I love it. JoYo favorite!*
  • Capitol Cider: Amazing and huge selection of ciders with shuffleboard and games downstairs. JoYo favorite!*
  • Grim’s (Butterfly Lounge & The Woods): Grim’s is the first level with a bar and chill area, next level is the Butterfly Lounge with another bar, and then at the top is the fun stuff – crazy crazy dancing in The Woods (my favorite for $5 cover). Super casual – put on a nice blouse and jeans and go dancing. JoYo favorite!*
  • Barca: Chill bar
  • Garage: Bowling and billiards
  • Q Nightclub: Dancing! Hit-or-miss on the music
  • Havana Social Club: Crazy crowded dancing
  • Knee High Stocking Company: Speakeasy cocktail bar with neo-classic and modern cocktails in an unmarked corner building
  • Cha Cha Lounge: Mexican-inspired venue that is crowded! I love the decorations. JoYo favorite!*
  • Sun Liquor: Bar and distillery. Very nice venue with huge liquor selection on display
  • Quinn’s Pub: Gastropub – people like the bone marrow
  • Rhein Haus: Bocce ball and brats, I feel really short and sometimes out of place here
  • Liberty Bar: Craft cocktails and drinks – nice bartenders
  • Smith: Craft cocktails and pub fare, huge venue, restaurant and bar
  • The Saint: Mexican bar and restaurant – associated with Havana Social Club
  • The Baltic Room: Good dance floor with great hip hop music but for some reason, this place is always empty – a let-down
  • The Pine Box: Used to be where they kept dead people – renovated into a bar
  • Witness: Southern classic cocktails
  • Canon: Whiskey and bitters emporium
  • Tavern Law: Gastropub – craft cocktail and comfort food



  • The Ballroom: Billiards and a dance floor with a cage. Haha, cage dancing. Why not.


  • Aston Manor: The most upscale club in Seattle (still nothing compared to Las Vegas/SF/NYC) but EDM and streamers blown at you. Girls are super dressed up. Lots of Asians.


  • Peso’s Kitchen & Lounge: Pretty waitresses and good, but not great, Mexican food
  • Keys on Main: Dueling piano bar – interesting. For the older 30-40+ year old crowd.
  • Ten Mercer: Expensive fine dining with drinks, for the older crowd who came from a ballet or theatre show
  • McMenamins: pub with lots of beer and expensive but good food
  • The Sitting Room: homey, quaint sitting bar and bistro with small plates
  • Solo Bar: quiet bar that serves food and drinks
  • Triumph Bar: more modern bar with oysters and drinks
  • Tini Bigs Lounge: Jazzy-feeling bar
  • The Masonry: Huge beer and craft beer selection and wood-fired pizza


  • Trinity Nightclub: Nightclub with three rooms (hip hop, EDM, bar room) – it’s a bit grungy but some people (girls) get pretty dressed up – you don’t have to get dressed up
  • Damn the Weather: Drinks and food in a pretty, hipster surrounding
  • E Smith. Mercentile: Food and drinks, hipster, pretty industrial decor and expensive drinks.
  • Bar Sajor: Drinks and food

What to Eat Late Nite

Night out on the town? Get a Seattle dog from any of the late night street vendors hanging out in Capitol Hill or Belltown! It’s a hot dog with cream cheese on a pretzel bun and it is mighty delicious whether you’re drunk or sober. You HAVE to try it, at least. Please!

Capitol Hill has a lot of late night options. I recommend Kedai Makan, but my friends like to get your greasy Hot Mama’s Pizza and Big Mario’s New York Style Pizza.


All listings available on the JoYo Seattle Map.

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