Best Restaurants in Seattle

In general, if you like seafood, you should be eating SEAFOOD in Seattle – all kinds of salmon, oysters, and Dungeness crab! But, if you don’t, do not worry, I still have you covered. We have all types of tasty cuisine in Seattle. Items listed in priority order within their category, neighborhood in parentheses, and […]

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Weekend Trip to Portland

Portland, Oregon is a sleepy, smaller version of Seattle – it’s just a 3-hour drive away. It’s dreary and damp most of the year, but there are plenty of hipsters and classy cool places to keep you enticed and wanted to come back again and again. What to Do | Eat Sweet |  Eat Savory […]

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JoYo New Zealand Guide

New Zealand – a country comprised of a North island and a South Island. More than a third of its population lives in the capital city Auckland and there are seven sheep for every one person in New Zealand (it used to be 22 sheep per person). I went on a two-week trip to New […]

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Winter Vacation in New Orleans

New Orleans (“The Big Easy”) is a beautiful city and I just can’t imagine how crazy it gets during Mardi Gras. Even without Mardi Gras, you can still admire the architecture in the French Quarter, ride the St. Charles street car to see dozens of the antebellum mansions, eat fresh and soft beignets (powdered sugar […]

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3 Days in Sydney, Australia

My cousin, my sister, and I went to Sydney for three days at the end of December. Australia’s summertime meant high temps with medium humidity – it wasn’t as bad as Taiwan summer humidity. If you’re going to Australia and you’re a US citizen, make sure you get a visa before you go.  What to Do | […]

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Weekend Trips to Vancouver

Located in British Columbia and a 2.5-hour drive from Seattle, Vancouver is like a Canadian Seattle; it is rainy and dreary most of the year but has the most beautiful summers with sunshine and lush flora. They have a public market near the waterfront just like Seattle! Don’t forget to pack Canadian dollars or aim to […]

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Trips to Taipei, Taiwan

I have a lot of relatives in Taiwan and I also spent a month there traveling all of Taiwan. Recently, I’ve been back in Taipei so this guide will focus on the Taipei that I know. Taiwan is amazing and delicious and has tons of shopping. That month in Taiwan is what really sparked my whole obsession […]

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What You Must Eat Savory in New York City

When you think NYC food, you think the best in the nation. Let’s eat those bagels, pizzas, and burgers first and then move on to the fancy stuff. Special shout out to M. Wang who lived in Manhattan for 6 years and provided most of these recs! Items are listed in priority order with the neighborhood in parentheses. Anything in italics […]

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What to Eat Savory in San Diego

Being right next to Mexico and the coast, San Diego is the place in the US to get fish tacos. There are delicious burgers, brunch, burritos, and BBQ that you must eat as well.Special shout out to J. Liu who has lived in San Diego for almost a decade and provided most of these recs! […]

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Seattle Listing by Neighborhood

I literally tried to put everything I’ve visited, done, eaten, and seen in Seattle. Almost anything where you can find a review on Tripadvisor or Yelp, I wanted to state my opinion for you. Consider this my “Yellow Pages” if you know what that means. 🙂 Just want to let you know but my favorite […]

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