Where You Must Party in New York City

For high-end clubbing, visit the Meatpacking district! Special shout out to M. Wang who lived in Manhattan for 6 years and provided most of these recs! Items are listed in priority order with the neighborhood in parentheses. Anything in italics is on my to-do list.


1a. The Press Lounge

($$$, Hell’s Kitchen): $20 drinks for a rooftop view at the swank Ink48 Hotel. It was a great 360-degree view of the city and nice atmosphere indeed. Ink48, 653 11th Ave, New York, NY 10036.

1b. PH-D Rooftop Lounge

($$$, Chelsea): This rooftop lounge located at the Penthouse at Dream Downtown has panoramic Manhattan skyline views. Get some cocktails.


2a. Pouring Ribbons

($$$, East Village): For amazing cocktails in a speak-easy type of setting, visit this place. 34 Downing St New York, NY 10014

2b. Please Don’t Tell

($$$, East Village): Another speak-easy place, PDT is hidden behind a photo booth.

2c. Angel’s Share

($$$, East Village): A “secret” hidden speak-easy inside a Japanese restaurant. The drinks sounds too pleasurable. No website, of course. Just a Yelp page that reveal all the spoils. 8 Stuyvesant St, New York, NY 10003.


3a. Beauty & Essex

($$$, Lower East Side): $16-$25 cocktails at a gorgeous venue with delicate details and cute girls behind jewelry counters. This is a bar/lounge with good top 40s dancing music. Enjoy the double secret doors. Their desserts look amazeballs. 146 Essex St, New York, NY 10002.

3b. The Griffin

($$$, West Village): This posh lounge is covered in chandeliers and beautiful decor where table top dancing is a norm.

3c. Tao Downtown

($$$, Chelsea): Serves up trendy and expensive drinks with occasional celebrity sightings, this huge Asian-themed eatery is also a party lounge.


4a. 1 Oak

($$$$, Chelsea): Stands for one of a kind, this dance club is no joke when it comes to drinks, decor, and celebrity clientele.

4b. Marquee

($$$, Chelsea): This dance club is colorful and multi-tiered and charging $20 for your basic drinks.

4c. Tenjune

($$$, Meatpacking District): This nightclub has had its fair share of drama and continues to rage on with hip hop and techno music.

4d. Circle

($$, Midtown West): This nightclub is Korean, has a large dance floor with great ventilation and an excellent DJ. You have to dress up and you may want to read its Yelp reviews before going so you know what you’re getting into and its infamous reputation.

Most people are Asian (primarily Korean) at Circle Nightclub.


5a. Slate

($$, Flatiron): Just an normal typical American pool hall with bar food and nighttime dancing.
54 W 21st St New York, NY 10010.

5c. Solas

($$, East Village): A casual, low-key lounge where you can dance the night away to say hello to the morning sun. 232 E 9th St #1, New York, NY 10003.


Craving for some late night? Try The Halal Guys ($, Multiple locations). There is only one original location but just make sure to try it with lots of white sauce and when you’re drunk. It’ll be marvelous, then.

Halal cart
It’s supposedly best to go to the original cart located at W 53rd St 6th Ave New York, NY 10019.
The Halal Guys - we went to the cart and got the combo plate.
The Halal Guys – we went to the cart and got the combo plate.


All listings available on the JoYo New York City Map.


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