Senior Before 30

I don’t think you know that when I pick a goal or interest, I go hard and I don’t half ass it. If I say I’m going hiking this summer, I’m going hiking this summer – twice a week at 7am (pictured above is Harry’s Ridge in Mount St. Helens National Monument). And the goal now is senior before 30 and it’s going to happen. I will be a senior before 30. Let’s make it happen.




Technical Product Management


Development Processes
Technical Topics for Product Managers
Metrics & Analytics


Programming Languages
  • Python
  • JavaScript
Business Strategy Books

Seattle or Online Classes In-person Seattle Classes

General Online Classes

UX/UI Design Classes

Coding Bootcamps

Product Management Resources
User Interface / User Experience / Human Centered Design


Product Manager Salaries

I don’t think you know. Don’t let others undervalue you. Life is too short.

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