Where to Buy JoYo’s Bedroom

I kept the theme black and white and more minimalist/modern.

Queen Size Wooden Bed Frame

Border Storage Platform Bed ($1,169) from Urban Outfitters. It came and it was so heavy. It’s almost 200 pounds on four pin legs! Building it was not difficult but strenuous because each piece is solid wood and it’s heavy – I did it by myself though in a short amount of time. It’s a heavy duty bed and putting all that weight the four pin legs with a mattress and then two people on hardwood floor was intimidating. I put tiny mini felt couch pads on each legand it still intimidates me how heavy this bed is. I’m already sad about having to move it one day. I mean it looks gorgeous though and the shelves are beautiful and crazy useful. The wood is real and excellent but easily scratched. The mattress stays firmly on the bed frame. 6 months into it, it started to fall apart but I fixed it with some books. I wouldn’t buy it again and I wish I bought a $200 bed frame that had a headboard. 1/5 stars.

White Nightstand

Sauder Cannery Bridge Night Stand ($89.89) in Lintel Oak finish from Sears. You get what you pay for. It’s a cheap, nightstand that is not very sturdy and made of cheap particle board material toped with fake wood grain. It’s not real wood and the back is a flimsy cardboard. It’s a bargain. I painted them white (use primer as the item is glossy). Make sure you don’t get paint on the drawers; the drawers were nice and smooth until I painted all over it. 3/5 stars.

Nightstand Close-up

Black Lunar Lamps

Lunar Table Lamp ($19.99) from EQ3. Probably one of my favorite parts of my bedroom and having received all the compliments, my lunar lamp is stunning. I have to dust it regularly but I fitted each with LED bulbs and it’s white and bright. Love these lamps. 5/5 stars.

Black Metal Crates

Large Metal Milk Crate with Wooden Handles – Black – Room Essentials™ ($14.99) from Target. I love these crates. They are beautiful and just as expected. Originally, I was going to paint the handles but it’s fine. 5/5 stars.

White Marble Clock

Brick Marble Click Clock ($75) from Fab. It’s an expensive clock but I love it. It does it’s job but it’s confusing to set the alarm but I just use my iPhone. It completely plastic and cheap to the touch and it doesn’t stay lit so it’s just a marble brick until movement lights it up. I love it though but it’s not a value or a great product. 4/5 stars.

Small Green Candle and White Candle

Island Hibiscus Apothecary Jar Candle ($3.99) in Mini from World Market. I haven’t burned it yet but it is strong. I bought it for the color and smell and both are fantastic. 5/5 stars.

Woven Black and White Artwork

Woven Wall Hanging – Black/White – Threshold™ ($19.99) from Target. I love this so much. It’s cheap and gorgeous. Lightweight and a wonderful statement piece. 5/5 stars.

Black Picture Frames

Gallery Frame – Room Essentials™ ($16.99) from Target. Simple black frames – cheap and affordable and looks good. 5/5 stars.

White Grid Bedding 

Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle ($179.25) in Windowpane from Brooklinen. I got their starter set and it was beautiful but comfort is just 3/5 stars. The deluxe/standard fabric is a bit rough and does get softer over the washes. I wash it a lot and it is durable. It’s gorgeous though and I have no regrets purchasing it. 4/5 stars.  Purchase your own and get $15 off with my referral code.

Large Green Pillows

Green Windowpane Patio Pillow ($78) from Terrain. I regret buying these because they’re so large. I don’t know what I was thinking. They are so cool though! They are a deep deep forest green (pretty) and they are meant for the outdoors so they are waterproof! I think I pay $40 each or something but I regret it because it doesn’t fit my decor in my living room. Ahh well they are what you see and that’s great. 4/5 stars.

Pink Small Flower

7” Peony & Vase Décor ($9.99) from zulily. It’s a nice flower but the vase is a weird metallic reflective paint inside the glass. Still gorgeous but looks cheap with the silver inside paint. The vase part doesn’t look like the photo provided on zulily. 4/5 stars.

White Executive Chair

White DiVOGA Desk Chair ($110) from Amazon. I love this chair but I hate chairs so I never sit in it. When I do sit in it. It’s very cushy. I love how it’s adjustable. Easy-to-assemble and durable. 5/5 stars.

Glass Top Desk

LumiSource OFD-TM-PBLNK W Exponent Office Desk ($110) from Amazon. Easy-to-assemble and light-weight. It’s a good desk but it’s a cheap desk so one of my glass top fasteners isn’t working but the table still works regardless. Nice table for the value. 4/5 stars.

Black Mirror

$25 from Ross.

Firefly Lights

$7 from TJ Maxx.

Fake Plants

$12-$40 from TJ Maxx.

Gray Throw with Pom Poms

$20 from TJ Maxx.

Striped Woven White and Gray Rug

$20 from TJ Maxx.

White Wooden Stick 

Found it while hiking.


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