Best Sweets in Seattle

Seattle sweets make me smile. There are so many delightful things to eat, you’ll have to pack a couple toothbrushes to keep up. Join me on an eating adventure! And, if you have a car or are near West Seattle, hit up Original Bakery for their Pershing doughnut. It’s fresh, fluffy, and absolutely delightful. Items […]

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Best Places to Party in Seattle

Different neighborhoods are good for different types of nightlife. Note that nightlife starts to heat up after 11pm and ends at 2am (bars/clubs/lounges). Pictured above is The Pink Door in downtown that offers burlesque shows. Will it be a laid-back beer-belly/pub night? Try McMenamins or The Masonry (pizza and beer on tap) in Lower Queen […]

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Seattle Listing by Neighborhood

I literally tried to put everything I’ve visited, done, eaten, and seen in Seattle. Almost anything where you can find a review on Tripadvisor or Yelp, I wanted to state my opinion for you. Consider this my “Yellow Pages” if you know what that means. 🙂 Just want to let you know but my favorite […]

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Instagram-worthy Restaurants in Seattle

Seattle isn’t the most expensive city, but it sure ain’t the cheapest. Here is a list of beautiful restaurants worth a mention due to their amazing, stunning, almost breath-taking decor and ambience. The food (or value of food) may not be as good as my Best Restaurants in Seattle list, but the interior designs of these restaurants make […]

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Where to Stay in Seattle

Seattle is a popular tourist destination so hotels aren’t cheap but there is a lot of housing available so if you’re Airbnb’ing, you should be able to snag a deal. Maybe even a super sweet deal like house-sit for the multi-million dollar coastal home shown in the picture above. Don’t get your hopes up though, […]

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Transportation in Seattle

Seattle isn’t as big as NYC, LA, Chicago, or even SF for that matter but the public transit is still reasonable. If you’re just staying in the city and exploring, you don’t need a car because there are a lot of public and private options to take. If you want to go outside of Seattle for […]

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Resources for Seattle

Above is a picture of Paradise in Mt. Rainier National Park while I was hiking the Lakes trail. Do Sweet Savory Party List Insta After you finish What to Do, Best Sweets in Seattle, Best Restaurants in Seattle, and Best Places to Party in Seattle (all above) and you really need more to do on your […]

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Perfect Day Trips from Seattle

There are so many trips to do outside of Seattle if you have a car (or if you don’t). You can go hiking to see many pretty waterfalls, lakes, and state and national parks. Or, if hiking isn’t your cup of tea, then try visiting a beautiful island via a ferry or small town. If […]

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