Weekend Trip to Sedona, Arizona

My friend and I were in Scottsdale, Arizona because we wanted to go to Grand Canyon but we got so lazy to drive we didn’t get there. Instead, we ended up hiking around Sedona, Arizona. The red rocks were beautiful. What to Do Red Rock State Park This state park is wonderful for great views, […]

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Princess Cruises: Nassau, Bahamas

My boyfriend snagged a free trip to the Bahamas via Princess Cruises so we went! It was a quick 3-day trip leaving from Fort Lauderdale, FL. We arrived in Fort Lauderdale and stayed at a nearby hotel. We had Brazilian for dinner. The weather was extremely humid and hot. The hotel was nice but since […]

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Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Every April 1-30th, near Seattle, in the Skagit Valley, there is a bloom of tulips. The fields and fields of blooming tulips is a once a year phenomenon so you have to come at the right time. There are tons of tulip farms to visit, many of them in the town of Mt. Vernon, WA. […]

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Weekend Trip to Portland

Portland, Oregon is a sleepy, smaller version of Seattle – it’s just a 3-hour drive away. It’s dreary and damp most of the year, but there are plenty of hipsters and classy cool places to keep you enticed and wanted to come back again and again. What to Do | Eat Sweet | ¬†Eat Savory […]

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JoYo Germany Guide

This year, my boyfriend and I decided to go to Germany because I wanted to see the German castles. We flew in and out of Frankfurt and took trains to Hamburg, Berlin, Munich (for Oktoberfest), and Stuttgart. While we visited many wonderful sights, we skipped many spectacular ones so we’ll just have to go back […]

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Frankfurt: A Modern City

Frankfurt is the hub of German airline Lufthansa so we flew in and out of it. Known as Germany’s financial capital, Frankfurt has a modern skyline that’s paired nicely with its own section of the Main river ; you should definitely walk and run along there as the city straddles both sides of the river. […]

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Hamburg: A Spacious City

Hamburg was one of my favorite German cities because it reminded me so much of Florence, Italy. It was so spacious but also bustling at the same time. You didn’t feel crowded but there was lots to do. What’s spectacular about Hamburg is its architecture; they have the old (warehouse district) and the new (HafenCity) […]

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Berlin: A Big City

Berlin is the most populated city in Germany and as the capital of Germany, it is extremely diverse, wild, and untamed. There is just too much to do and see in this city. A super metropolis and home to the Chancellor of Germany, it’s not only a political hub but also a tourist one. Tons […]

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Munich: A Party City

Home to Bavarian beer, pretzels, and outfits, Munich is the place to party. We were lucky enough to go during Oktoberfest. Make sure you read up on Oktoberfest before you go; you’ll need plenty of cash. What to Do | What to Eat | Where to Stay | Transportation | Resources | Map What to […]

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Stuttgart: A Manufacturing City

What to Do | What to Eat | Where to Stay | Transportation | Resources | Map What to Do What to Eat Where to Stay Transportation Resources Map Click here for the JoYo Germany map. JoYo Germany Guide Frankfurt Hamburg Berlin Munich Stuttgart  529 total views,  1 views today

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