What You Must Eat Sweet in New York City

When you think NYC food, you think the best in the nation and that includes sweets. Special shout out to M. Wang who lived in Manhattan for 6 years and provided most of these recs! Items are listed in priority order with the neighborhood in parentheses. Anything in italics is on my to-do list. BAKERY & CAKES 1. Momofuku Milk […]

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Top 10 Sweets to Eat in San Francisco

Here are my top picks when you’re in town listed in order of priority. Neighborhood in parentheses and anything in italics is on my to-do list. 1. Golden Gate Bakery ($, Chinatown, Egg tarts): Home to the best, most luscious egg custard tarts you can get in the United States, these are no ordinary egg tarts. […]

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What to Eat Sweet in San Diego

There are tons of remarkable desserts in San Diego – let’s go now! These are the top best picks for San Diego sweets. Pictured above is VG’s donuts. Special shout out to J. Liu who has lived in San Diego for almost a decade and provided most of these recs! Items are listed with the neighborhood […]

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Best Sweets in Seattle

Seattle sweets make me smile. There are so many delightful things to eat, you’ll have to pack a couple toothbrushes to keep up. Join me on an eating adventure! And, if you have a car or are near West Seattle, hit up Original Bakery for their Pershing doughnut. It’s fresh, fluffy, and absolutely delightful. Items […]

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