Washington To-Do Hikes

This is a list of hikes on my to-do list. 

HikeLength, roundtrip (mi)Elevation Gain (Ft)Distance from SeattleWeatherRegionGPS CoordinatesNotes
Wallace Falls915441 hrlinkCentral Cascades -- Stevens Pass - West47.8670, -121.6782Extremely popular
Snow Lake7.218001 hrlinkSnoqualmie Region -- Snoqualmie Pass47.4454, -121.4230Still snowy
Cascade Pass and Sahale Arm1240003 hrslinkNorth Cascades -- North Cascades Highway - Hwy 2048.4755, -121.0750
Pete Lake94002 hrslinkSnoqualmie Region -- Salmon La Sac/Teanaway47.4350, -121.1855
Navaho Peak13.742232 hrslinkSnoqualmie Region -- Salmon La Sac/Teanaway47.3662, -120.8028
Naches Peak Loop3.26002 hrslinkMount Rainier Area -- SE - Cayuse Pass/Stevens Canyon46.8674, -121.5176
Heather - Maple Pass Loop7.220003 hrslinkNorth Cascades -- North Cascades Highway - Hwy 2048.5162, -120.7354
Lila Lake1128001.5 hrlinkSnoqualmie Region -- Snoqualmie Pass47.4008, -121.2836Still snowy, better for lake swim
Lena Lake7.213002.5 hrslinkOlympic Peninsula -- Hood Canal47.5997, -123.1512
Ira Spring Trail - Mason Lake6.524201 hrlinkSnoqualmie Region -- Snoqualmie Pass47.4257, -121.5843High clearance preferred
Hurricane Hill3.26503 hrslinkOlympic Peninsula -- Northern Coast47.9766, -123.5178
Hoh River Trail to Five Mile Island10.63004.5 hrslinkOlympic Peninsula -- Pacific Coast47.8597, -123.9337
Heybrook Lookout2.68501 hrslinkCentral Cascades -- Stevens Pass - West47.8084, -121.5352Bugs
Gold Creek Pond1101 hrlinkSnoqualmie Region -- Snoqualmie Pass47.4094, -121.3677ADA Accessible
Goat Lake10.414002 hrslinkNorth Cascades -- Mountain Loop Highway48.0537, -121.4113Rough road but snow free
Eightmile Lake6.613003 hrslinkCentral Cascades -- Leavenworth Area47.5360, -120.8139
Colchuck Lake822803 hrslinkCentral Cascades -- Leavenworth Area47.5277, -120.8210High clearance preferred
Blue Lake4.410503 hrslinkNorth Cascades -- North Cascades Highway - Hwy 2048.5191, -120.6742
Blanca Lake7.533002 hrslinkCentral Cascades -- Stevens Pass - West47.9154, -121.3124Still snowy, better in late summer
Barclay Lake4.45001.5 hrlinkCentral Cascades -- Stevens Pass - West47.7917, -121.4559Popular
Summit Lake6.113002 hrslinkMount Rainier Area -- NW - Carbon River/Mowich47.0319, -121.8269Popular, high clearance vehicle
Lake Ingalls925002 hrs linkSnoqualmie Region -- Salmon La Sac/Teanaway47.4367, -120.9372High clearance vehicle
Palisades Lakes718002 hrslinkMount Rainier Area -- NE - Sunrise/White River46.9175, -121.5878

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