Quarantine Game Plan

I’ve lost track of time, the value of my life and others’ lives, and my goal in life. So far, I’ve spent my quarantine hours, days, weeks, and probably month doing the following 3 items and it’s got to stop.

  1. Eating and getting fatter
  2. Wasting time reading Coronavirus news and memes on Instagram
  3. Online shopping for spring clothes and dresses that I do not need.

I need to do better for myself, for my community, and for the world. First things first. Health is wealth. I would like to do the following in order of priority:

  1. Journal every day
  2. Eat healthy every meal and every day
    1. Track weight daily
    2. Use food diary daily
  3. Exercise every day
  4. Read every day. I would like to complete 1 book a week
    1. Week 1: Lean Analytics
    2. Week 2: Why We Sleep
    3. Week 3: The Goal
  5. Be on track with the 3 classes I am taking
    1. Complete readings on time
    2. Complete homework on time
    3. Take notes during online lecture

Extracurricular Activities (in priority order)

  1. Create Tino Bakery
    1. Learn Illustrator
    2. Learn vectoring graphics
    3. Create a logo
  2. Re-vamp Pastryday.com
    1. Purge all social media
    2. Re-do branding
  3. Learn Chinese
  4. Learn UI
  5. Learn Python
  6. Learn JavaScript
  7. Learn Tableau
  8. Interview PMs
  9. Read Radical Candor
  10. Do MBA Readings
  11. Tech studying
    1. https://training.elastic.co/learn-from-home
    2. https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/coronavirus-academy/

I’m tired of being a loser and wasting precious time on Earth.

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